What we invest in

We invest in entrepreneurs with proven execution skills, a passion for addressing Climate change, and have a clearly articulated decarbonisation story.

Our Mission

to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, primarily Carbon Dioxide and Methane

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sources

Methane (CH4) Sources

Focus Areas

NFC is laser focused on 4 verticals

Will Not invest in solar, wind, hydropower, but will deploy capital in energy storage from these sources.

Green Buildings

Responsible building materials & façade, eco friendly interiors, green walls, smart property tech, water efficient systems and waste management.

Energy Storage

Energy storage management solutions, microgrid technologies & services, lithium-ion improvements or alternatives to lithium-ion & long-duration storage solutions.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Precision farming (AI, machine vision, big data, sensors, robotics), plant-based food inputs & cellular meat, new farming methods (vertical farming, hydroponics and aeroponics), flood & drought resistant seeds, agricultural, microbials and forestry.

Alternate Energy

Green Hydrogen - replace fossil fuels in planes, trains, trucks, factories & even in home heating.
Nuclear - Opportunities to build small, advanced nuclear power stations relying on a new source of nuclear energy: a traveling wave reactor (championed by Bill Gates).

Investment Approach

NFC Identified Capabilities

  1. Pipeline of entrepreneurs in urban planning, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials & resources, design innovation.
  2. Access to Network of builders/developers;
  3. Engagement with policy makers, local government institutions & others
  1. Access to network of renewable power generating companies.
  2. Identified entrepreneurs developing non lithium-ion options such as recyclable aluminium economy.
  3. Cost competitive storage technologies.
  4. Understanding the regulatory framework for energy storage systems.
  1. Vibrant pipeline of entrepreneurs in bio energy
  2. Nanotechnology for safer food packaging, Techniques to improve the digestibility, nutrient content, and flavor of food, Smart systems to allow the real-time monitoring and regulation of medicines or nutrients
  3. Engage with farmers; surface/ground water quality improvement

Green Hydrogen:

  1. Opportunities in Production, Processing, Distribution, Storage and Applications of hydrogen.
  2. Demand Creation & Applications in feedstock gas for industries such as chemical, refining and steel. Source of heat and power for buildings, & a medium to store energy from renewable and other sources.



  1. Technology transfer and commercialization for application in India, more specifically, TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor (TWR®) ( liquid sodium-cooled fast reactor that uses depleted uranium as fuel)
  2. Invest in entrepreneurs who develop global fuel, materials and component development program, create high-value products from coal