Operating Partner - Job Description

Operating partner - India

Middle to senior management in existing company. Strong growth path shown in previous employment.

Job Title

10 to 15 Years

An ideal candidate should not have done more than 3 to 4 job changes in 10-15 years and should have demonstrated continuity in a job for a significant amount of time and and moves only for exciting growth prospects.

Experience required

IIT/Engineering + Business school

The candidate should have an engineering degree and an MBA from a premier school.


35 to 40 years

Age group


Willing to travel extensively

Job Location

Work related Networking

  1. Passion for Sustainability / Climate change is a must.
  2. Network with the investment community like PE funds /VC funds /Investment banks.
  3. Network with industry /CII etc.
  4. Network with the startup community / entrepreneurs.
  5. Worked with local / national / International agencies on policies and actions around climate and sustainability.

* Strong network in any one or two of the above listed qualifications is required.

Work Sector Background

  1. Top blue chip consulting firm and heading the energy/sustainability practice with focus on sustainability.
  2. Operating role in a large company with responsibility for Profit and Loss with focus on sustainability.
  3. Operating role in a technology company with focus on tech for sustainable solutions.
  4. Senior management role in VC/PE fund with focus on sustainability and done investments around that area.
  5. Large DFI (like IFC/ CDC) with specific focus around investment in sustainability sector.

*A combination of operating role and consulting experience / investment experience will be ideal but not necessary.

Technical Skills required

  1. Understanding technology related to climate and sustainability is a must.
  2. Ability to understand numbers and read financial accounts.
  3. Have been responsible in building a business in the job with focus on scale and profitability.
  4. Worked with customers and clients to take a business from an idea stage to its growth stage.
  5. Mentored / worked with entrepreneurs and enabled them for growth.

*Clear demonstration of skills in minimum 3 of the above listed area is a requirement with point no 1 being a MUST.

Leadership qualities

  1. Currently oversees a team of professionals
  2. Has demonstrated quantifiable leadership qualities around,
    • Innovation
    • Change management
    • Mentoring and guidance
    • Turnaround of business
    • Handling failure

* Your employment track record should clearly establish credentials around most of them.

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