About Us

Nature-Fix Climate Ventures LLP

Our Guiding Principles

Nature-Fix Climate Ventures LLP Overview

Aim to be one of the most impactful early-stage Climate Tech Venture Capital Firm in India-Israel Corridor

ClimateTech Investments will be riveted around our mission to minimize resource use & focus on public health and risk.



We will deploy capital in company’s which can reduce CO2 & CH4 emissions.


To heal the land, water, wildlife and humans.


Empathy, Brutal Honesty, Humility, Goal Clarity on Carbon Avoidance & Path to Profitability and Measure everything.

Nature-Fix Climate Ventures LLP

Our Belief

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and its ability to change the world for the better, and our purpose is to help entrepreneurs realize their visions to solve the toughest challenge facing our planet – Climate Change.

Our Approach

In everything that we do, we leverage on our network of investors, ClimateTech domain experts, institutions, governments, partners and advisors globally, to work with entrepreneurs to view their business through the lens of decarbonisation impact, within the frameworks of (1) Net Zero (2) Avoided Emissions.

What We Invest In

We invest in entrepreneurs with proven execution skills, a passion for addressing Climate change, and have a clearly articulated decarbonisation story.


Total Carbon Measurement

NFC’s Total Carbon Impact Measurement

With a clear focus on ClimateTech, NFC intends to define the total carbon impact that the Fund can achieve beyond financial return, and be ready for implementation with portfolio companies at the time of investment.

For a full picture of decarbonisation impact, we will put in place, two frameworks:

  1. Net Zero
  2. Avoided Emissions

Fund & Portfolio Activities:

  • Carbon Emitting: Net Zero Frameworks
  • Carbon Avoiding: Avoided Emissions Framework

We will build operational guidelines at fund and portfolio companies level.