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Backing those who are on a mission to heal the planet

Our Guiding Principles

Nature-Fix Climate Ventures LLP Overview

Aim to be one of the most impactful early-stage Climate Tech Venture Capital Firm in the India-Israel Corridor.

ClimateTech Investments will be riveted around our mission to minimize resource use & focus on public health and risk.



We will deploy capital in company’s which can reduce CO2 & CH4 emissions.


To heal the land, water, wildlife and humans.


Empathy, Brutal Honesty, Humility, Goal Clarity on Carbon Avoidance & Path to Profitability and Measure everything.

Green Buildings

Eco friendly building (exterior and interior), Smart tech; Water and waste efficiency.

Energy Storage

Energy storage management solutions, Microgrid technologies, lithium-‐ion improvements or alternatives; and long duration storage.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Precision Farming (AI, Sensors robotics), vertical farming, hydroponics & aeroponics Forestry, Drought & Flood Resistant seeds, Agricultural Microbials, Plant based food inputs & cellular meat.

Alternate Energy

Green Hydrogen, Carbon Capture, Nuclear Power.

Focus Sectors

NFC is laser focused on 4 verticals

Mission to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, primarily Carbon Dioxide and Methane.

Who we are

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Harsha Moily​

harsha moily

General Partner

Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan

General Partner

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We back those on a mission to heal the planet.

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